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 Chickweed Arts   Miqqaviat Sanatujut  ᒥᖅᑲᕕᐊᑦ  ᓴᓇᑐᔪᑦ

is an independent Nunavut company providing film, photography and digital media services, founded by Jamie Griffiths in 2018, working in collaboration with experienced Inuit creatives, directors, writers and Nunavut creatives.  

Specialists in people photography, creative film-making and impact storytelling, Chickweed works with:

  • Inuit and other non-profits to make short and mini-documentary films that promote understanding of their ideas, programs and goals through personal, intimate story-telling. 
  • Nunavut artists and musicians to create expressive, innovative, creative short films.
  • Government agencies to create educational films that support social change program initiatives.
  • Organisations and regional departments needing training videos for their programs, staff and support teams.

Jamie Griffiths is a Canadian film-maker, cinematographer and award-winning visual arts professional with 25+ years experience. Recent film and photography projects have been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario (permanent collection), National Gallery of Canada, Remai Modern Art Museum, Nuuk International Film Festival, La Ferme Du Buisson (Paris, France), Museum of Modern Art (Bogota), Foundling Museum (London). Recent performance work and projection designs include The National Gallery of Canada, Museum of Anthropology & The International PuSh Festival (Vancouver), Southbank Centre (London).

After moving to Nunavut, Jamie worked at Atiigo Media (2016-2017) as Head of Video Production and Qaggiavuut Performing Arts Society (2017-2018) as in-house videographer/photographer, digital media designer, communications manager and technical director/stage designer.

Jamie’s breadth and depth of experience as a filmmaker, artist and designer, has led to a high demand. Learning the Inuktitut language, mentoring Inuit youth and hiring local film trainees is a top priority, so watch this space for workshops and other mentoring opportunities. Jamie has 15 years experience delivering photography and digital media training. Jamie has lectured at universities in Canada, the UK and the US and holds a Masters Degree in Digital Media (MA Dist.) from the University of Brighton.

Jamie is also a founding member of IKUMAGIALIIT, performance art band, with Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Cris Derksen and Christine Tootoo.  

Give us a call or send an email to discuss your film, photography or digital media needs!

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