Avatini Oqaatsit/Words at the limbs, at Remai Modern

Exhibited online from Feb 1 2019, on the Remai Modern website, a 3.5 minute film commission that exposes creative processes at work involved in the creation of the longer video installation project ‘Silaup Putunga’.

A visual interplay of handwritten words forms a score for vocal play and Uaajeerneq in Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory’s new web commission, Avatini Oqaatsit/Words at the limbs. Created in collaboration with filmmaker Jamie Griffiths (Chickweed Arts), the performance takes place at an off-grid cabin located 23 kilometers outside of Iqaluit. The soundtrack was created by Celina Kalluk and Williamson-Bathory, using her handwritten key words as a reference for vocalization.

Curated by Troy Gronsdahl, Associate Curator (Live Programs)