Chickweed Arts providing local support to visiting film companies.

It is important for visiting film companies to get things right on the ground when they arrive in Nunavut. By hiring Northern experts they can avoid costly mistakes in scheduling, receive assistance for permits, have access to insider local information on catering and location scouting, as well as being advised on Inuit cultural values in order to work respectfully in Nunavut. There are many other benefits, not least of which is providing work and on-the-job film production experience to Nunavummiut.

In May, Chickweed Arts’ Jamie Griffiths and Rico Manitok, provided local film support services to an Ontario/New York co-production filming Jordin Tootoo, NHL hockey star, in the Rankin Inlet area.

Chickweed Arts hired a helicopter for filming, rented vehicles, laid on special restaurant menus, organised skidoo filming, outfitted a skidoo with an Arri camera and accompanied the expedition to a remote cabin. All in a days work!

Rico Manitok, on the land with Jordin Tootoo
Filming from above
Full moon filming in Rankin Inlet
When your camera is too big for a drone!