Kiviuq Returns in Nuuk, Greenland

Jamie Griffiths / Chickweed Arts has been in Nuuk this week with the cast and crew of the Inuktitut play, Kiviuq Returns, for its international premiere at the National Theatre of Greenland, September 21-23, 2018.

Greenland Newspaper Article

The Orphan Story

A singular event triggers the journeys of Kiviuq across all the Arctic Nuna for centuries! Left to Right: Natar Ungalaq, Abraham Eetak, Keenan Carpenter, Avery Keenainak (floor), Christine Tootoo.

The Bee Woman Story

The Bee Woman story of Kiviuq. Cast ashore in a strange land, Kiviuq encounters a frightening creature, determined to cook and eat him. Bee Woman played by Charlotte Qamanik

The pan-Nunavut cast of Kiviuq Returns, is also preparing for a 4-week staging at the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto in January 2019.

The production features renowned actor Natar Ungalaq (Igloolik) and popular Inuk musicians Keenan Carpenter (Uluhaktok), Agaaqtoq (Arviat), Charlotte Qamaniq (Igloolik/Ottawa) and Avery Keenainak (Pangnirtung). Seasoned Kiviuq actor, Christine Tootoo (Rankin Inlet), returns to the cast in her role as Sea Woman.

The director is award-winning, Inuk playwright and Qaggiavuut’s Artistic Director, Inuit Theatre, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory.

  • Jamie Griffiths: Technical Director, Projection Designer, Photography/Video
  • Rico Manitok: Assistant Technical Director, Projectionist, Sound
  • Lighting : Rebecca Picherack, assisted by Scarlett Larry.
  • Stage Manager: Scarlett Larry, assisted by Natashia Allakariallak.
  • Costumes: Looee Arreak.

Photo credit: Jamie Griffiths /Chickweed Arts