New Video transcribing software for Inuktitut

Chickweed Arts has been working with a Canadian software designer, Nathaniel Deshpande of CLOSED CAPTION CREATOR, in order to integrate Inuktitut fonts to the video transcription and subtitling translation workflow.

After some development discussions back and forth, Closed Caption Creator version 8 now allows for the use of Inuktitut fonts throughout the software. Subtitles can be exported in all the major formats, for DaVinci, Adobe Premiere, Avid or other professional video editing softwares. Translators can also use a foot pedal to further speed up the workflow, to more intuitively control the video playback. There are too many software features to mention here, but suffice to say that it can handle just about any task needed for closed captions, open captions, described video, for online or broadcast use.

Early this year we began training Inuk translator, Pitsulala Lyta, to use the software for video translation work for Chickweed Arts. It’s sped up our workflow and makes it much easier to integrate multiple language tracks for online use and for us to work remotely together, even between Nunavut communities on shared video translation projects in the cloud. So if we need to consult on a particular dialect for example, it is possible for a different translator to log into the file from anywhere in Nunavut or even around the world.

I am very happy that I initially reached out to Nathaniel, to explain to him that he needed to include Inuktitut fonts in the software! He readily agreed to begin work with me to immediately remedy the situation! Jamie Griffiths / Chickweed Arts

Jamie Griffiths / Chickweed Arts