Qaujigiartiit (QHRC) in Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River)

Kangiqtugaapik, Nunavut, Feb 2021 Photo credit ©Chickweed Arts/Jamie Griffiths

Chickweed Arts spent a very beautiful week in Kangiqtugaapik last week, filming an Inunnguiniq workshop run by Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre.

‘Inunnguiniq’ is the Inuit philosophy for how to raise a whole human being. The program starts from fostering wellness for adults, who in turn raise children that are resilient, capable and knowledgeable, through traditional Inuit ways of knowing and being. The training is 35-hours/5 days long and is delivered by 2 trained instructors and 1 elder instructor.

You can read more about the QHRC program by clicking here.

Chickweed Arts is making a short film about this QHRC program, and other programs that they run across Nunavut, to be released in 2021.