Riddu Riddu 2019

Chickweed Arts was asked to supply some original photography of Nunavut artists and lifestyle shots, for promotional usage for the Riddu Riddu 2019 Festival in Norway.

Qaggiavuut participated in the 2019 festival with a 6 member choir of artists performing traditional and contemporary songs from Nunavut, including throat singing, drum and guitar.

This year Nunavut was chosen as the Northern Peoples of the Year at the festival.

Each year, Riddu Riđđu invites an indigenous people to the festival, as The Northern People of the Year. The festival finds it important to create meeting places for indigenous people and to give indigenous people a platform from which they can tell their own stories. This year, Riddu Riđđu has chosen to put emphasis on the cultural expressions of the Inuit from Nunavut, in the program section Northern People of the Year.
Riddu Riđđu audience will meet artists and culture bearers who work within culture, handicrafts, music and politics in Nunavut. They are all important voices contributing to the story about the Inuit from Nunavut and the story about our community as indigenous people from the North. Katajjaq/throat singing and drum dance will be significant at this year’s Riddu Riđđu.
The Northern People of the year – day is devoted to our guest people of the year.  Saturday July 13th 2-4pm, audience have the opportunity to get to know the Inuit from Nunavut better. The Northern People of the year will also have their own lávvu at Riddu Siida where audience can meet the Inuit from Nunavut and take part in different drop-in activities.

Riddu Riddu Festival