Film still of Laakkuluk from Aatooq

AATOOQ: Short film by Ikumagialiit

AATOOQ is a visio-sonic poem, narrated in Greenlandic with English subtitles, co-created by Ikumagialiit.

Ikumagialiit launches their website

Ikumagialiit Performance Art Band launched a new website in January. Check it out for latest info, photos, videos, news updates...

Ikumagialiit Performance Art band

IKUMAGIALIIT at the National Gallery of Canada

On November 16 2019, Ikumagialiit Performance Art Band, performed the commissioned World Premiere of Ikumagialiit / Those That Need Fire,...

Ikumagialiit – Performance Art Quartet

Ikumagialiit – Performance Art Quartet

A live performance on November 16 2019 at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa. Ikumagialiit is the name of...

Ikumagialiit: Performance Art Band

Ikumagialiit: Performance Art Band

Ikumagialiit (‘those that need fire’) is a new performance art band with Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Christine Tootoo, Cris Derksen and...